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A Typical Workshop

Participants move through three separate workstations.
The number of carvers and the total time available determines the length of each activity.

Station 1 Free Carving
Students grades 3 and up practice carving on scrap stone. These stones will be recycled for use at other workshops therefore participants will not get to keep the work produced at this station. This activity is primarily an opportunity for students to become comfortable with the tools and to emphasize the importance of patience, control and safety.

Station 2    Project Carving
The finished project can be installed inside or out as a part of a construction project or as a stand-alone landscape feature. Prior thought needs to be given to the final placement of the piece as the design is developed.

Station 3 Necklace Making
Necklaces are crafted from pieces of limestone that are chipped off the project stone. They are designed as keepsakes so that each participant will have something to remember the experience. Due to time constraints, this station often requires the assistance of adult or older youth volunteers to keep things moving smoothly.