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For Albert Nelson, stone carving is more than just art - it forms his life's philosophy.   A sculptor since 1972, he began by carving wood.   Later, Nelson became interested in working with stone when he realized he could create beauty and express his feelings with a material that had been on earth for millions of years.

As he carves, Nelson develops a very close relationship with the stone.

And for Albert Nelson, relationships are intensely important.
The subject matter of his work is often the family, depicting mothers and children rising almost angelically from the stone. His work has been described as spiritual, accessible, quiet, and peaceful, with an immediate appeal. This appeal does not go unnoticed. Nelson's work has received praise from local and regional press, colleagues, and art lovers, winning many awards.

Nelson's work emphasizes the tenderness of the human spirit in such a way that even a hard, cold piece of stone appears soft and warm.   His art is a clear representation of his ideology that stone, like life, must be approached with both determination and reverence.

His work ranges in size from the small to the very large.   In 1998, he co-created a fielder's mitt, the world's largest stone baseball glove, from a 30-ton boulder of solid Kentucky limestone for the Louisville Slugger Museum.   Commissioned by the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association, "Let's Play Ball" has attracted enormous attention in the Louisville area and nationwide.

Other projects include: a carving for the Women's Imaging Unit of Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville, Indiana. "Hearts In Harmony" a 10' tall sculpture for Louisville's downtown YMCA and a Viking Ship for the Olmstead Conservancy at Cherokee Park's Christensen Fountain.

Nelson continues to create pieces for art shows, public commissions and private art collectors.